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Why do investors prefer Istanbul property investment

Why do investors prefer Istanbul property investment

Buying real estate in Turkey has become one of the most important ways of investing in the past period, especially by foreign investors who find Turkey real estate the best option, and it can be said that the preferred destination by these foreign investors is Istanbul property investment , because all From the city of Istanbul and Istanbul real estate, it offers advantages and benefits that make real estate investment in Istanbul, well-deserved, the preferred place for foreign investors who want to buy property in Turkey. Of course, these reasons and advantages are many and cannot be counted, including the following. 

The strategic importance of Istanbul:

Istanbul is considered one of the most important cities, not only within the borders of Turkey, but even in the region as a whole. It is one of the most famous cities around the world. The bulk of those who visit Turkey come to it after what they have heard about the city of Istanbul, and it can be said with confidence that the city Istanbul is the most important city in Turkey, although it is not the political capital, but it is more famous and vibrant than the city of Ankara, which is the official capital of the country. On the other hand, Istanbul occupies the position of the economic capital of Turkey and is the most important and most vital and dynamic commercial center in The country is credited with its advantages and elements that make Istanbul property investment the golden opportunity in order to achieve investment returns. We begin by mentioning: 

* The strategic geographical location occupied by the city of Istanbul


as it is not only mediating Turkey, but also forms the link between the largest continents of the ancient world, Europe and Asia, through the famous Bosphorus Strait, and through this site mediates the most important global trade routes, especially from The land side, in the past, was an important station on the Silk Road between Europe and India, and at the present time it includes many important land trade routes. The matter does not stop here. It is considered a vital commercial center for maritime trade, because it is surrounded almost from various sides by seas. Each of these seas is very vital and important, because it is the only sea port for many neighboring European countries, as they cannot penetrate to the outside world without crossing through Istanbul and the Bosphorus Strait. In addition to the above, Istanbul is an important center for air transport in various Its forms, whether commercial or travel, thanks to its possession of the new Istanbul airport, which is the largest airport in the world and through which millions of people flock annually, and it secures transport trips to various We also do not forget to mention Ataturk International Airport and all of the above advantages that make Istanbul a commercial center par excellence, which explains the reason for the strength of real estate investment in Istanbul. 

* Excellent Infrastructure:

The city of Istanbul is the most important city in Turkey, as we mentioned, and it is the interface through which it displays its power to the world. Therefore, we find that the Turkish government is making all possible efforts to develop and improve the city of Istanbul and the various aspects related to it, so it has a developed and excellent infrastructure. It is considered one of the strongest and most important of its counterparts so that it is well-deserved competition for the most important and largest European and international cities, and is superior to it in many aspects and times, especially in terms of transportation and communications, as it has a secure, dense and diverse transportation network that works to connect different Istanbul city points, despite the large area it enjoys, as it is the largest city in Turkey and extends over two parts, the European part and the Asian part, but this never hinders the process of moving in Istanbul, which means that Istanbul real estate, regardless of its location, is It is of strategic importance thanks to its easy accessibility. 

* The city of Istanbul is considered a tourist center par excellence:

Thousands or even millions of people flock to Istanbul every year, whether as tourists or investors, which means that there is a large and constant number of investment opportunities flowing into the city so that real estate investment in Istanbul is a guaranteed opportunity in order to achieve financial profits.



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