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Government facilities for granting Turkish citizenship to foreigners

Government facilities for granting Turkish citizenship to foreigners

We can classify Turkish citizenship as one of the most easily obtainable nationalities among other nationalities, thanks to the many facilities provided by the Turkish government for this.

Because this topic is one of the topics that you are most interested in collecting information about, we decided at Ramzy Real Estate to present to you a detailed report on this matter so that we can answer all your inquiries.


Cases that allow a foreigner to obtain Turkish citizenship:

Did you know that you can obtain Turkish citizenship in more than one way? This is one of the aspects of government support and facilities, which are as follows:

1 - One of the most important ways to obtain Turkish citizenship is to buy a property for an amount of at least two hundred and fifty thousand US dollars instead of the one million dollars that was previously imposed.

2 - Investment with a value of no less than five hundred thousand US dollars instead of the previous amount, which is estimated at two million US dollars.

3 - Putting an amount of five hundred thousand US dollars in a Turkish bank instead of the three million that was previously imposed, and no part of the amount should be withdrawn until after three years.

4 - Through a business you establish, providing job opportunities for fifty Turkish employees instead of the 100 employees who should have been secured previously.


How to obtain Turkish citizenship


Applying for Turkish citizenship:

The facilities provided by the Turkish government were not only in the ways of obtaining Turkish citizenship, but in the mechanism of applying to obtain it, and the following is a detailed explanation of the mechanism of applying to obtain it through real estate ownership.

1 - The commitment must be made at the outset so that the price of the property is not less than two hundred and fifty thousand US dollars.

2 - The property must not be sold until three years have passed since the date of its purchase.

3 - The price of the property must be transferred through a bank in Turkey.

4 - The property should be evaluated by the title deed issuing institution.

5 - The buyer must prove his residence address, and it does not have to be the same property he owns.


Documents required to obtain Turkish citizenship:

You must review all the documents and papers required to obtain Turkish citizenship, which are as follows:

1 - The title deed document and a document evidencing payment of the price of the property through a bank in Turkey.

2 - The buyer's passport, a valid residence permit, and a document proving the residential address.

These papers are delivered to the Soul Department of the governorate in which the buyer resides.


Documents required to apply for Turkish citizenship


Turkish citizenship through real estate under construction:

Among the facilities provided by the Turkish government for foreigners to obtain Turkish citizenship and the possibility of this comes when buying a property under construction while maintaining that its price as stipulated in the Turkish constitution, which is 250 thousand USD or its equivalent in Turkish lira, in addition to the buyer’s obligation not to sell the property until the three years have passed.

One of the most important advantages of obtaining it by purchasing a property under construction is that the buyer will not have to pay the full value of the property immediately, but can pay it in installments, and this idea suited those who do not have the ability to pay in full.


The most important advantages of obtaining Turkish citizenship:

Turkish citizenship is one of the main motives that pushed foreigners and Arabs around the world to obtain it, as it facilitates many of the work that he will do. Therefore, it is a goal for businessmen, investors and capital owners. The holder of this citizenship can also obtain a loan from Turkish banks.

The holder of Turkish citizenship can travel to a large number of countries in the world without the condition of obtaining a visa, and there are other countries that granted him the visa automatically upon access and third countries submitted it to him via the Internet.

As for the Arabs who prefer to obtain this citizenship, what prompted them to do so is the difficult or harsh conditions they suffer in their countries, including economic collapse, political stability and weakness in urban development.

The benefits and advantages of obtaining Turkish citizenship do not stop at this point only, as the foreigner holding it will be able to enjoy all the rights enjoyed by the Turkish citizen, such as the rights to candidature, elect, vote and contribute to changing the fate of the country.

The owner of the property, his wife and children will obtain Turkish citizenship if they are not over the age of eighteen, but if one of the children has special needs, he can obtain citizenship after three years, even if he is above the legal age.

The bearer will also be able to obtain free treatment in state hospitals or their affiliated health centers, and receive low-cost treatment in private hospitals, in addition to benefiting from the reduced prices of medicines.

Those who obtain Turkish citizenship can invite their relatives to visit Turkey to spend a good time and a happy vacation in a country like Turkey. You can have wonderful times where Western European aspects meet with Eastern Arab.

And add to your information that with Turkish citizenship, you can keep your first citizenship and benefit from both of their advantages together, and after all these advantages we can conclude that Turkey is one of the countries eligible to enter the field of economic competition with the most important European countries.

Turkish citizenship is no longer difficult to obtain, as the Turkish government has provided many facilities in this regard, so that it has become a target for many foreigners. If you have any other questions about Turkish citizenship, just contact us so that we can provide you with full and accurate answers.

On May 13, 2022, the Turkish government issued a decision to raise the amount of obtaining Turkish citizenship through the purchase of real estate to a value of 400,000 dollars instead of 250,000 dollars. The decision has been implemented starting in 12th June 2022.

The investor has the right to buy a real estate or several properties with the new amount of $400,000 in order to obtain citizenship, provided that the investor must keep the property for 3 years and he mustn’t sell the property he purchased for the purpose of citizenship before 3 years from the date of purchasing. For more information about the Turkish citizenship law and its conditions, click here.


At Ramzy Real Estate Company, we are glad to accompany you on the journey of buying property in Turkey and to provide you with a range of services to make the process smooth and easy , as we are always keen to present a variety of options for residential and investment properties in addition to helping you obtain Turkish citizenship for those looking for it.
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