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What is the price of Turkish citizenship? And how do you get it?

What is the price of Turkish citizenship? And how do you get it?

The questions that are being asked about Turkish citizenship are many and varied, and that is why the editing team at Ramzy Real Estate has chosen to share with you a lot of information related to it in this article.

You will learn about the appropriate price for it - the conditions that must be provided - the ways to obtain it - and many other information that interests you about it.


See the appropriate price for obtaining Turkish citizenship:

The Turkish government has provided a lot of facilities in this regard, and Turkish citizenship is considered inexpensive, as are other nationalities in the world, especially the nationalities of the European Union.

Through the following paragraphs, you can see the ways to obtain Turkish citizenship and the price that must be paid for each method.

1- Citizenship by real estate investment:

One of the most common ways is to obtain it through real estate investment, with the commitment that the real estate price is at least 400,000 US dollars, with a pledge that it will not be sold before the lapse of three years.

Certainly, there are other conditions that must be met with the right property to obtain Turkish citizenship, the most prominent of which is that the property has not been used earlier in order to obtain it and that it should not be purchased from a foreign citizen, but rather it must be Turkish.


2- Through commercial investment:

One of the most prominent ways to obtain Turkish citizenship is to make a financial or commercial investment with a financial value of no less than 500 thousand US dollars for a period of three years, and shares or bonds of the same value can be purchased with the obligation not to sell them before 3 years.


3- Through a bank deposit:

One of the most popular ways to apply for Turkish citizenship is to deposit an amount of at least 500,000 US dollars in a Turkish bank for a period of three years.


4- Employing 50 Turkish people:

Any foreigner can obtain Turkish citizenship when establishing a business or company and employing 50 Turks in it. In this context, we must point out that previously, at least 100 should have been employed.


Other ways to obtain citizenship:

Certainly, the methods of applying for Turkish citizenship are not limited to what was mentioned only, but there are many other ways:

-Marriage to a citizen of Turkish citizenship, but it is not possible to apply for it until after three years have passed, in order to ensure that the marriage is real and not fake, and to ensure that the foreigner does not pose any danger or threat to public security.

-If a Turkish family adopts a foreign national who has not yet reached the legal age, he can obtain Turkish citizenship provided that he does not pose any danger to public security.

-Upon proving the Ottoman assets and submitting papers confirming this.

-There are those who get it in an exceptional way if someone presents a scientific or technical achievement to Turkey.


The most important advantages of obtaining Turkish citizenship:

Whoever holds Turkish citizenship will enjoy many advantages and advantages, the most important of which are:

1 - The holder of this nationality can retain the first nationality or the nationality of the country to which he belongs, and then benefit from the privileges of both nationalities.

2 - Take advantage of the public services provided to Turks, such as receiving treatment in the most important public and private hospitals for free or at reduced costs, as well as enrolling in the most important public and private schools and universities.

3 - It is possible to participate in political life, vote in general elections, run for important job positions in both the public and private sectors, and obtain high salaries.

4 - It is possible to practice professions that a foreigner is prohibited from practicing, such as veterinary medicine, pharmacy, law and customs clearance.

5 - Obtaining a Turkish passport, which is considered one of the most important passports in the world, as it allows you to:

Travel to more than 61 countries around the world without a transit visa.

45 countries grant Turkish citizens an automatic visa upon arrival.

8 countries grant Turkish passport holder an electronic visa.


The most important conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship:

Despite all the facilities provided by the Turkish government, this does not negate that there are many conditions that must be met by the applicant, and through the following paragraph can be found in full:

-He must be of full mental capacity.

-He must be over the age of eighteen.

-Not to suffer from any dangerous disease that negatively affects public health.

-He shall not have a judicial record or be involved in any criminal offence.

-To be of good reputation and high morals.

-To submit evidence and documents confirming that his goal is permanent residence and stability in Turkey.

-To have a stable source of income.

-To reside for a period of no less than five years.

There are more reasons that push foreigners to obtain Turkish citizenship without other nationalities, the most important of which is the unprecedented economic recovery as it records a growth superior to the most important economies of the world and also due to political stability, infrastructure development and the strategic geographical location of the Turkish state, which mediates the countries of the world.

The prevailing laws in Turkey are characterized by their flexibility, as legal and official transactions can be completed easily and without having to make a lot of effort and fatigue.

We have provided you with some information that interests you about Turkish citizenship through this article. We hope that you have obtained great benefits and answers to all your questions.

Do not forget to follow our website constantly to see the latest news and developments in the real estate market in Turkey.


Editing by Ramzy Real Estate Team ©


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