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Turkish citizenship by investment

Turkish citizenship by investment

Obtaining Turkish citizenship in return for buying a property, important details and points 

Obtaining Turkish citizenship for real estate investors, or in exchange for buying a property, in other words ... a topic that occupies the minds of many Arab investors and is witnessing an increasing demand day after day, and in this regard, we receive many questions and inquiries about the steps for obtaining citizenship for those who buy 
 Real estate in Turkey, the most prominent of these questions are as follows: 
- What are the conditions for obtaining citizenship? 
- What are the necessary papers for that? 
- How long does it take! 
We answer each of these questions in the following article ... interesting reading:

First: Why does Turkey grant citizenship to investors? And what is the way to get it! 

At the end of 2018, the Turkish government approved decisions aimed at facilitating the mechanism for obtaining Turkish citizenship for foreign investors, with the aim of stimulating the movement of the economy and attracting foreign capital to it, and this through three main ways, which are: 
- First: Investing in government banks with a value of $ 500,000 
- Second: Establishing a company with a capital of one million dollars and employing 50 Turkish employees in it 
- Finally: owning one or more properties valued at $ 400,000. 
Looking at the previous options, we find that real estate ownership was the least expensive among them, and even the fastest to acquire citizenship .. But what are the conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship by real estate investment

Conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship for real estate investors: 

- firstly, to be able to apply for the Turkish citizenship, you must buy a property or group of real estate with a value of at least 400 thousand dollars, bearing in mind that it must not be resold before 3 years have passed. 
- The second condition is that the property you buy is new and sold by a Turkish construction company 
- Or if you want to buy a resale property, the owner must be Turkish exclusively 
- The third condition: There is no mortgage by the bank on the property to be purchased 
-The fourth condition: appointing a lawyer to the agency requesting Turkish citizenship 
- The fifth and most important condition: that the property be evaluated by a recognized evaluation committee to ensure that it conforms to the Turkish citizenship law. 

ماهو التقييم العقاري في تركيا ؟

What is real estate appraisal? Needed to obtain Turkish citizenship? 

If you are interested in real estate investment to obtain Turkish citizenship or are about to buy a property in Turkey in general, then you should not lose sight of the real estate appraisal matter, as it is very important and a necessary part in the investment process, especially for foreigners, why? Let us tell you; 
1. The real estate appraisal report states the real price of the property you want to buy 
2. It protects you from falling into the net of fraud, being unfamiliar with the Turkish market 
3. It is an official and mandatory document in the title deeds registration processes in the Turkish Tabu Department 
4. Its main objective is to create a safe investment environment for foreign investors. 
5. You cannot start the process of obtaining Turkish citizenship without submitting the real estate appraisal paper as it is an essential part of the papers and documents necessary to complete the transaction. 
There are many real estate appraisal companies approved by the government in Turkey that can be used in this regard. 
If you think that the matter is complicated for you, do not worry. Ramzy Real Estate Company is ready to provide you with assistance in all steps of owning the property. 

What are the documents required to obtain Turkish citizenship? 

When you choose the property and confirm its real estate evaluation, you should go to the next step, which is to appoint a lawyer to prepare the documents for your file to obtain Turkish citizenship, in brief, we will mention these papers 
- First: The title deed of the Tabu 
- Second: The real estate appraisal report 
- Third: Bank receipts issued from the buyer's account 
- Fourth: Two copies of the Turkish citizenship application agency 
- Fifthly: The passport is translated into Turkish and certified by Notre 
There are many different cases in which some changes occur to the required papers, so you can view full details in this regard by clicking here.

ماهي الأوراق المطلوبة للحصول على الجنسية التركية

How do I and my family get Turkish citizenship? 

One of the questions that we often get is: If I buy a property worth 400 thousand dollars, can I grant my wife and children Turkish citizenship? 
Yes, of course, in this case, Turkish citizenship can be granted to the wife and children who are under the age of 18, but those who exceed the legal age of children are not entitled to obtain citizenship with the rest of the family. 

Obtaining Turkish citizenship in return for a property under construction or in installments 

Some believe that citizenship cannot be acquired when buying a property under construction, while that is possible, but provided that the first payment is equal to the required amount (400 thousand dollars) and if the first payment is less than that, you must wait until installments are paid in a total that meets the required number and is You have bank receipts of the stipulated value ($ 400,000) and then apply for citizenship. 

Can the amount be $ 400,000 as a down payment for several properties under construction? 

Many of Ramzy Real Estate's clients bought separate apartments within complexes that are still under construction. The total payments amounted to more than 400 thousand US dollars, and they were able to start the process of obtaining Turkish citizenship, in order to achieve the basic condition, which is the fulfillment of the conditional amount, but unfortunately this is no longer possible. As the year 2023 came and brought with it many new amendments to the law on obtaining Turkish citizenship in return for real estate investment, so what are they? Follow up ..

الحصول على الجنسية التركية مقابل عقار قيد الانشاء او بالتقسيط

Amendments to the Turkish Nationality Law 01/2/2023:

The amendments that were put forward in relation to the law of obtaining Turkish citizenship for real estate investors revolve around 5 essential points: 

1 - Buying real estate from one developer! 

If the investor intends to buy more than one property with the value required to obtain Turkish citizenship "400,000$", he will not be able to choose separate properties in different complexes, but he must buy from one developer in one complex or building. And to submit a contract certified by the Turkish Notre that includes the real estate he bought with the aim of obtaining citizenship, or what is known as the "promise-to-sale contract". 

2 - Citizenship will not be granted to those who share ownership! 

Those wishing to share shares in the ownership of a real estate can no longer obtain citizenship together, but rather one person and his family will obtain it if he is married. As for the other, he will not be able to acquire citizenship, no matter how much his share of the property is. 

3 - It is no longer possible to merge the tapu with the promise to sell contract! 

It will not be possible to submit a title deed for a ready-made property with a contract promising to sell a property under construction with the aim of obtaining Turkish citizenship. Rather, the nationality file must include only title deeds for ready real estate or a promise contract for real estate under construction. 

4 - You have to buy from a Turkish company or a person of Turkish origin exclusively! 

Foreigners who have acquired Turkish citizenship through investment cannot resell their real estate to another foreigner with the aim of granting them citizenship. 
Rather, those wishing to acquire citizenship should choose a person of Turkish birth and origin, in the event that the property is re-sold or a Turkish construction company. If it is new. 

5 - Submitting the DAP document via the KEP! 

The delivery of the currency exchange document or what is known as the DAP BELGESI through the KEP or what is known as the e-mail registered by the bank has become direct to the Land Registry Department, and it has become a condition to add the number of the Land Registry mentioned in it to the DAP document to complete the process.
All of the above information is based on real experiences of clients of different nationalities at Ramzy Real Estate Company, and remember that we are fully prepared to provide assistance and advice at any time in all matters related to obtaining Turkish citizenship in return for real estate ownership.


At Ramzy Real Estate Company, we are glad to accompany you on the journey of buying property in Turkey and to provide you with a range of services to make the process smooth and easy , as we are always keen to present a variety of options for residential and investment properties in addition to helping you obtain Turkish citizenship for those looking for it.
Our services:
- Legal advice .
- Property Management.
- After-sales services .
- Legal services and obtaining Turkish citizenship.
- Buying and selling real estate in Turkey.
- For more details, you can contact us via the communication platforms or via the WhatsApp attached on the site.


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