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Advantages of real estate investment near the highways in Istanbul

Advantages of real estate investment near the highways in Istanbul

Real estate investment is one of the most successful and types of investments with guaranteed profit in the world, and many countries depend on it as a source of foreign direct investment, which attracts many investors because of the upward value of the property that increases over time and that is why many investors resort to it as a kind of safe haven for their money in the hard times of economic crisis they may be going through, or as one of the stable sources of income that generates a constant and rising profit over time.

Turkey has been able in the past ten years to prove its presence in the world real estate market, even though it is one of the newly emerging economies and it proves that it is able to compete with cities such as London, Paris, Dubai and New York in this sector, to become a preferrable destination for many investors in the field of real estate investment for a number of reasons including, Turkey is the meeting point of eastern and western civilizations, as it combines the eastern character of Islamic societies with keeping up the development of European civilization as a part of the Europe, as well as its competitive prices compared to cities such as Paris, London and Barcelona, and Turkey has also been able to achieve a remarkable stable growth rate despite the crises that hit the global economy as a result of the Corona pandemic and the energy price crisis resulting from the Russian-Ukrainian war.

One of the most prominent reasons for the economic improvement achieved by Turkey is the continuous improvement of infrastructure projects, especially the road sector and the public transportation network throughout Turkey and in Istanbul in particular, which we will explain here in this article in detail about highways and the advantages of buying real estate and investment near highways in Istanbul.

First: General information about real estate investment in Turkey

Before explaining the highway network and the importance of investing in it, we have to clarify some important points about real estate investment in Istanbul, including the definition of real estate investment, the reasons for its success, and the advantages that the investor gets when buying real estate for investment.

Definition of real estate investment

It is any fixed asset in a place that cannot be moved from one place to another without being damaged, and examples of it are lands, buildings, and houses.

Reasons for real estate investment success in Istanbul

Although the Turkish real estate market is an emerging market, it is the second most active and strongest construction market in the world, and Turkey ranks fourth among the top ten real estate investment places in the world, and Istanbul has acquired the lion's share of real estate sales in Turkey in the past five years, due to the large government facilities it offers to foreigners whose are wishing to own property, and there are many factors that helped Turkey at its achievement including:

- The social and political stability that Turkey enjoys compared to the countries of the region.

- Legal reforms undertaken by the government to support real estate investment.

- The nature of Turkish society, which combines European civilization and Eastern traditions.

- Turkey's tourist nature and the presence of many landmarks dating back to the Byzantine era or the Ottoman era, which was reflected in museums, temples and monuments.

Advantages of real estate investment in Istanbul

Real estate investment has many advantages, the most important of which are:

Obtaining a fixed, continuous and guaranteed monthly financial return.

Increasing the value of the property in the long term, because the real estate market is the only increasing market in the same way as gold and oil, so the investor can, after several years of selling it and increasing his capital, and this type of investment with long-term investments is an additional saving for the retirement period and a guarantee for the family.

Obtaining real estate residency if the property is within $75,000 or Turkish citizenship by owning a property worth $400,000.

The best areas to buy property in Istanbul

The most characteristic of the real estate market in Turkey in general and Istanbul in particular is that whether it is for housing or investment, it has a rental return and is easy to rent and invest in one way or another, but buying real estate in areas close to tourist or economic attractions is one of the best types of real estate investment, there are commercial and investment areas in the first place, such as Maslak area in Istanbul, as well as the Basin Express area, and these are investment areas due to the presence of most of the headquarters of international multinational companies in one of these areas.

There are investment areas due to the speed of renting in them, such as the tourist areas in Istanbul, such as the areas of Sisli, Taksim and Al-Fatih, but areas such as Maslak or Basin Express or even the best-selling projects, we will always find them near highways, and perhaps one of the reasons for the boom in real estate sales the distinguished transportation network on these roads, including metro, public buses, and metrobus, which we will discuss in detail.

Types of highways in Turkey

There are three types of highways in Turkey: regional roads extending across Turkey and linking them to neighboring countries, and internal highways within the same state, and these roads are under the direct responsibility of the General Directorate of Highways.

Regional roads are highways that connect different areas with provinces, neighborhoods, state highway roads, seaports, airports, etc. They are built by European standards and these highways provide a high quality and safe experience for drivers because most of these highways are newly built.

What are the most famous main highways in Istanbul?

Istanbul is the economic and tourist capital of Turkey, the largest city in terms of area and the second highest population in Europe, so it had the lion's share of the Turkish government's attention, in terms of infrastructure projects and economic development plans, starting with the construction of highways, bridges, and tunnels , to connect areas and neighborhoods in Istanbul internally, in addition to designing a complex and powerful subway network to make it easier for citizens to reach anywhere in Istanbul, especially as it enjoys a distinct strategic location that has a complex network of metro lines.

E-5 International Highway

The international highway E-5 is one of the most famous highways in Istanbul and is the main artery for transportation between all areas of the city, because it connects the two sides of the city, the European side with the Asian side, and it also includes the metrobus line, the mainstay of Istanbul's central transportation, which enables citizens to reach any area in Istanbul easily and in record time, especially since the metrobus line starts from Beylikdüzü station to Kadikoy, passing through Fatih district, to the Asian side of Istanbul, playing a major role in addressing traffic problem in Istanbul.

E-80 Highway

The E-80 or TEM highway is one of the longest highways in the world, as it starts from the farthest corner of Europe from Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, traversing 10 countries and covering a distance of 6,962 km in Turkey only to end in the Iranian city of Bazargan, TEM is an abbreviation of the word “Trans European Motorway”, and it meets the EH1 Asian Expressway to Japan.

Basin Express highway

This road starts from Yani Bosna and reaches the new Istanbul International Airport, passing through several areas, including Bağcılar and Başakşehir, to start from the E-5 road and intersects with the TEM highway, each at a different point. Basin Express is classified as one of the most prestigious European areas of Istanbul, where the Istanbul Municipality has given it an advanced position on its priorities to be a destination for the most important residential, commercial and service investments.

Basin Express is a strong candidate to become the new center of Istanbul, and its vibrant commercial center once the new Istanbul Canal opens, and it includes more than 25 private universities, 5 of the best international schools, and two of the largest malls in Istanbul, which are Mall of Istanbul and Mall 212, and also it includes elite real estate projects both investment and residential projects and a number of the most famous hotels.

Advantages of real estate investment near the highways

Highways are one of the factors that reflect the extent of the country's development and the strength of the infrastructure, and the contribution of highways to the real estate sector in Istanbul in general and the properties to them in particular, as they add a high value to these projects, as the opportunity to buy real estate within the projects located in the surroundings or on the sides is a profitable and guaranteed exploitation opportunity at the same time, where you will have an easy access to everywhere in Istanbul.


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