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Basin Express in Istanbul, the central nerve of the city

Basin Express in Istanbul, the central nerve of the city

All you need to know about the Basin Express area in Istanbul:


Where is Basin Express located?

How important is it in the real estate market?

What are the attractions in it?

Each of this information is provided to you by Ramzy Real Estate Company as part of a comprehensive article explaining the importance of investing in that region and informing you about its most important commercial and investment projects closely ... interesting reading 🙂


Basin Express, a very important location:

The Basin Express area is located on the European side of Istanbul and administratively descends to the municipality of Bagcilar, which is the vicinity of the “Basin Express” highway that connects the “Ikitelli” regions to the north and the “Bahçelievler” area to the south, which is one of the most important highways in Istanbul.

Basin Express Road is considered the central nerve of Istanbul, due to its sensitive location linking the two most important roads in Istanbul, E5 from the south and TEM from the north.


There is no doubt that this ideal location was the most prominent reason for the positioning of Basin Express at the forefront of the vital and prominent areas in Istanbul, and one of the reasons that made major local and international investors call it "the second Maslak area".


Attractions in the Basin Express area of ​​Istanbul

This importance did not arise by chance. Rather, there were many factors that made it the home of luxury real estate of all kinds. The major construction companies used them as headquarters for the construction of the largest and most prestigious residential and commercial projects at all.

Not to mention the abundance of famous universities in the region, in addition to a group of international hotels, financial and entertainment centers, and various service facilities ... The most important thing is that it embraces the largest and best shopping centers in the city and its proximity to Istanbul's new airport, which has been classified as the largest airport in the world.

Mall of Istanbul in Basin Express


If the attractions in the region are multiple, the most prominent of them are:

- The strategic location in the city center

-Presence of the elite real estate projects in the region

- 25 universities from the best universities in Istanbul

-5 of the most prominent and famous international schools in Istanbul

-There are more than 30 international 5-star hotels

-The spread of work centers and daily life in all its pillars

-A transportation node is one of the best means of transportation in Istanbul


Real estate investment in Basin Express, a winning card for investment in Istanbul

You may be asked: Why should I choose the Basin Express area as a center to invest my money? And what is the extent of the profits that I can achieve when investing in its real estate projects ?? Here we can answer as follows:

With the rapid development that Istanbul is witnessing and the qualitative transfers that the various areas of the city are going through, the “Basin Express” area was the most striking in the European side and the main axis of the strategic plan of the Greater Istanbul Municipality, which was aimed at discovering the best areas in Istanbul and strengthening its infrastructure and giving it priority for its transformation. To business centers that attract various foreign investments.

The entry of major real estate projects to the region has also constituted an amazing real estate oasis for those who wish to guarantee their investment and increase their profits many times over.

It is worth noting: that real estate prices in the Basin Express area had increased by more than 20 times during the last ten years.

Which led to the creation of a wide competition between the largest construction companies in Turkey, each of which offers encouraging investment in them.

For example, the most prominent offers that you can get in Basin Express are the rental guarantee offers, which guarantee you to rent your property for a certain period of time in exchange for excellent financial returns compared to its surroundings from other regions, to be a profitable investment area in the eyes of the public.

Real estate investment in Basin Express


Real estate investment options in Basin Express:

Amidst the many ongoing competitions between construction companies in the region and the efforts made to provide the best, many modern real estate trends were introduced, which were a reason to break the usual pattern in the real estate market and a major reason for the emergence of residential and commercial towers with completely new concepts.

For example, the Basin Express area was a constructor of residential projects and towers equipped with the "smart home" system, which was a milestone in the interest of the real estate sector in Istanbul and the demand of many newcomers to Istanbul, whether it was for the purpose of investing those smart real estate or exploiting it for personal use in order to enjoy a lifestyle. Luxurious and glamorous.


Hotel apartments in Istanbul Basin Express

The construction companies not only provided smart real estate, but also added an exclusive pattern called the “hotel system.” The hotel apartment system is an ideal choice for lovers of travel, business owners, and constant transfers, as the concept of hotel apartments allows the use of the property as a hotel room within the project in order to provide additional income for the investor.

This is based on the project management's knowledge of how to manage hotels and hotel transactions, not to mention that they contain hotel services in the first place.

Investing in hotel apartments is the best type of investment in Istanbul, and it is a high-potential investment tool for those who wish to diversify their real estate investments.


Office home in Istanbul Basin Express 

Office houses are spread all over the region and it is a first destination and an ideal choice for those wishing to launch their business activities in offices characterized by luxury, elegance, spacious spaces and multiple styles, which are what attracts businessmen to choose it as a center for establishing companies in Turkey.

Basin Express is also distinguished by its embrace of many huge residential complexes that combine commercial and residential towers at the same time, allowing you to have a new living experience that has been redesigned so that the lines and separations between private life and work life fade.


Buying a property in Basin Express Istanbul with the aim of investing:

If you are interested in real estate ownership in order to invest and achieve profits, Ramzy Real Estate recommends that you go to Basin Express and in turn offer you the best offers in the best complexes there ..


The future of investing in Basin Express:

If you are really looking for a profitable and distinguished real estate investment, we advise you to choose the Basin Express area, in which many distinguished real estate and investment projects are developed. It is worth noting that today it is the headquarters of many international companies, which has increased its importance, distinction and value of investment.

According to many experts and specialists in the real estate market in Turkey, the Basin Express in Istanbul is a great destination for real estate investment, and it is expected that prices in it will record a significant increase in the coming period, which will guarantee the investor to obtain high and abundant profits if he wants to sell in the future to take advantage of the price difference that results between the two stages of sale and purchase .


The importance of buying real estate in Istanbul:

Have you asked yourself about the reasons that make the attention of investors and everyone looking for real estate and apartments for sale to choose Istanbul over other Turkish cities and states?

In fact, there are many important reasons that have combined together and made Istanbul a model city, the most important of which are:

- The high population density that makes there is a great demand for real estate.

- Foreign and tourist influx throughout the year.

- The presence of a large real estate diversity that suits all tastes.

- Real estate prices in Istanbul are reasonable and moderate compared to prices in Europe.

- The many facilities provided by the Turkish government.

- Developed infrastructure and the presence of important strategic projects.

- An opportunity to obtain real estate residency if the property price is at least $75,000.

- The possibility of obtaining Turkish citizenship in return for the value of the property being a minimum of four hundred thousand US dollars.


At Ramzy Real Estate Company, we are glad to accompany you on the journey of buying property in Turkey and to provide you with a range of services to make the process smooth and easy , as we are always keen to present a variety of options for residential and investment properties in addition to helping you obtain Turkish citizenship for those looking for it.
Our services:
- Legal advice .
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- After-sales services .
- Legal services and obtaining Turkish citizenship.
- Buying and selling real estate in Turkey.
- For more details, you can contact us via the communication platforms or via the WhatsApp attached on the site.


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