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Istanbul Water Canal is a leap in the history of Istanbul

Istanbul Water Canal is a leap in the history of Istanbul

All you need to know about the upcoming Istanbul Water Canal 

The largest project in the world ... the miracle project ... or the era project, you can name the Istanbul water canal with each of these names as that future channel is not only expected in Turkey but in all parts of the world, that channel that will raise the status of Turkey in both commercial and investment aspects. Thus strengthening Turkey's position in the field of water crossings ... Know it: 

What is the Istanbul Canal ?? 

Istanbul Canal: It is the name of a Turkish project for an artificial waterway at sea level that is being constructed for the time being by Turkey in the European part of Istanbul to connect the Black Sea with the Sea of ​​Marmara, linking them with the Aegean and Mediterranean Seas. 
The Istanbul Canal will split the European side of Istanbul into two parts, thus forming an island between the continents of Asia and Europe, and it will have beaches on the Black Sea, the Sea of ​​Marmara and the new canal. 

Istanbul Canal project over the years: 

The Istanbul Canal project was discussed for many years and that was 9 years ago, when the idea was first proposed by “Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan” when he was prime minister in “2011”. 
Excavations for the Istanbul Canal began in 2017 and ended in 2018 and there were many competent authorities that cooperated between some of them to work on a project of the size of this project, the most prominent of which is the Ministry of Environment and other ministries as: 
-Agriculture and livestock 
-Energy and natural resources 
-Forestry and Water Affairs 
- Ministry of Transportation 
- collective housing management toki 
-Greater Istanbul Municipality 
- And many local and international experts 

Work on the implementation of the project started from 2013 until a short period ago, nearly 160,000 holes were drilled and foundations were laid almost completely, and it is expected to complete the drilling completely by the year 2023, which carries many surprises for Turkey in general and Istanbul in particular. The idea of ​​the project has been studied. And study the fertility of the land and its nature by international and local experts so that the process is carried out properly. 

Information about Canal Istanbul: 

It must be natural for us to be curious about this huge project that would change the face of the city and be a qualitative leap for all of Turkey and the city of Istanbul in particular, so we gathered the most important information about that channel: 
The length of the canal will be 45.2 km and its width 145-150 m 2. The canal will pass within the borders of many administrative regions in Istanbul as a region: 
- Avcilar 
- Basaksehir 
- Arnavutkoy


Area nameThe price per square meter is on average 
(In Turkish lira)
Kucukcekmece2900 – 3000
Basaksehir5000 – 8000
Avcilar2500 – 3000
Arnavutkoy 2225 – 2700

Also, according to the announced plan, the canal's passage will be within the aforementioned areas at various distances as follows: 
Arnavutkoy area: 28.6 km 
Kucukcekmece: 7 km 
Basaksehir: 6.5 km 
Avcilar: 3.1 km 
The canal will also be provided with 10 suspension bridges, six of which are expected to be prepared immediately and work on the remaining four, which will be interspersed with two railway bridges. 

What is the cost of the Istanbul Canal project:

The total cost of the Istanbul Canal project is estimated at 65 billion Turkish liras, according to what has been planned by employing 1500 employees. 

What is the purpose of building the Istanbul Canal? 

There were many goals that prompted Turkish President “Recep Tayyip Erdogan” to embark on a huge project such as the Istanbul Canal project, the most prominent of which are: 

Business goals: 

Where the Minister of Transport and Infrastructure “Mehmet Mujahid Turhan” stated in one of his interviews that the Istanbul Canal project is a commercial project that would increase the value of commercial relations between Istanbul and the world. 

Not to mention the commercial gains that Turkey will receive due to the passage of thousands of ships loaded with tons of goods daily through that channel, in addition to the main goal of relieving pressure on the Bosporus Strait, which is undergoing a pressure crisis through marine and tourist ships that pass through it daily alongside commercial ships. According to the Montreux Convention signed in 1936, which provided for the passage of 3000 ships annually through the strait, the international transiting the Bosphorus Strait daily, while the number of ships nowadays has become 50 thousand ships annually, with expectations that the number will become 65 thousand by 2023. 100 thousand ships in 2050. 

What is the impact of the Istanbul Canal on the neighboring areas and real estate? 

There is no doubt that the Istanbul Canal has benefited both the surrounding areas, and even those close to it, for example the Bahcesehir area and the Kucukcekmece area were among the most beneficiaries of the Istanbul Canal, as these two areas witnessed a significant increase in real estate prices before work began on that channel. Even 
Bahcesehir, for example, witnessed a rise in the average price per square meter within its walls until it ranged between 3500 to 5000 Turkish liras, in addition to the Kucukcekmece region, in which the price per meter ranged between 2900 - 3200 Turkish liras in an average, in addition to the Basaksehir area, which became a price The meter within it reaches 5000-8000 Turkish liras, while the Avcilar area also received a share of the price increase, as the price per square meter ranges from 2500 to 3000 Turkish liras. 

The following is a chart of the areas positively affected by the Istanbul Canal and the average price per square meter: 

The interest was not only limited to sales prices, but also extended the monthly rents to become more valuable and in greater demand. 
Perhaps the most striking thing is that all the rise in real estate prices that these areas witnessed is nothing to mention, as the canal is still under construction and there is no doubt that coinciding with the end of work on it, these areas will witness an unreasonable rise in prices that may reach 50% according to the expectations of real estate experts And this is the main reason that drives investors from around the world to flock to those areas that await a prosperous future. 

Residential projects near Istanbul Canal: 

In view of the importance of this channel and the benefit it brings to each of the surrounding real estate, Ramzy Real Estate advises you to buy properties close to the Istanbul Canal 

And always remember that whatever your goal in real estate ownership, whether buying an apartment for the purpose of housing or investment, or even searching for villas for sale in Istanbul, we are here to provide you with real estate advice and the free services that we provide .. At any time you want please do not hesitate to contact us.


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