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Real estate ownership guide in Turkey

Real estate ownership guide in Turkey

First :Types of real estate in Turkey: 

One of the most important features of the real estate market in Turkey, which attracts such large numbers of investors, both local and foreign, is the wide variety of available real estate forms and investment opportunities, as there are various forms of options available to investors, which It must be able to achieve their aspirations and desires of all kinds, and it can be said that Turkey's real estate includes various forms of real estate that any investor might want to acquire. 

* Residential real estate in Turkey: 

And we start by talking about the types of real estate in Turkey by mentioning residential real estate, which in turn includes a lot of real estate, such as buying an apartment in Turkey or buying a house in Turkey. Villas in Turkey are also involved in the forms of residential real estate, but they are classified as a separate category of them called luxury real estate in Turkey along with the luxurious and huge palaces, as well as we mention the hotel apartments in Turkey, which is an ideal option for investing in residential real estate, as it can be used heavily during the tourism seasons by renting them out to tourists who flock to Turkey in very large numbers And the real estate market in Turkey, specifically the residential real estate sector, has entered a new type of apartment in Turkey, which is smart apartments in Turkey, which is considered a revolution and a quantum leap in the real estate world, not only in Turkey but in the world as a whole, as it constitutes a living example of The integration of technology in various aspects of life and it is considered one of the most expensive types of real estate in Turkey due to its low number compared to the demand for it. 

* Commercial real estate in Turkey: 

The second type of real estate in Turkey is Turkey's commercial real estate, which is the preferred choice for those wishing to buy a property in Turkey in order to invest and achieve financial returns, as it can be used in various types of investment projects such as opening a private company, hotel or restaurant and Others, or even returns and profits can be achieved by renting them, especially commercial properties that are located in vital and strategic areas, which are of great importance because the demand for them is always high thanks to their location and the availability of many who wish to rent them and from the commercial types of real estate in Turkey We mention commercial offices, shops, as well as warehouses, and in some cases, villas in Turkey can be converted into commercial real estate by re-formatting and designing them and turning them into a private project such as opening a small company or a small tourist hotel, or even turning them into a high-end restaurant with a view Charming on the seashore, or even the opening of a kindergarten for children, a small hospital, or an upscale private health center. 

Second : Real estate prices in Turkey: 

The great diversity that the real estate market in Turkey offers is not only limited to the types of real estate in Turkey, but extends to include various aspects related to them, especially when it comes to real estate prices in Turkey, but before talking about the diversity of these prices, it is necessary to point out the most important An idea in the concept of real estate prices in Turkey, which is that real estate prices in Turkey are surprisingly low compared to real estate prices in other countries and countries, especially neighboring European ones, despite the fact that the advantages and components that Turkey offers are no less important and even that in some major Turkish cities, especially Istanbul, it is well deserved, so we note that there is a continuous increase in the number of foreign investors who buy property in Turkey because they see this as a golden opportunity to save money and obtain a product of the same quality. As for The diversity of real estate prices in Turkey, this is due to the city in which you are looking for a property first, as well as to the region or location within the city itself, as there are areas that are ideal for searching for cheap apartments for sale in Turkey
At the same time, higher prices and better specifications are available, such as luxury villas and luxury apartments within high-end residential complexes, and of course they are located within specific areas that are considered the most prestigious in the city, in addition to the views that real estate enjoys in Turkey greatly affect real estate prices in Turkey.



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