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Apartments for sale in Istanbul Turkey

Apartments for sale in Istanbul Turkey

Investors are flocking today to buy real estate in Turkey, especially in Istanbul, and this is of course not surprising after the good reputation that Turkey has gained as the best tourist and economic destination in the world, especially after the many facilities provided by the Turkish government and the laws and legislations it issued, which are aimed at The interest of the investor, especially the law of obtaining Turkish citizenship through real estate investment, amounting to 250 thousand dollars, and this increased the demand for apartments for sale in Turkey, Istanbul. 

Types of apartments in Turkey Istanbul: 

If you are looking for a house for sale in Istanbul or a property for sale in Turkey, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the forms of real estate available there: 


-Smart apartments: 


These types of apartments in Turkey have spread greatly in recent times and have witnessed a huge turnout thanks to the many features that they enjoy, as these apartments are completely dependent on an electronic system that controls the entire house and performs all tasks from turning on the lighting to closing Windows, opening them, controlling the air conditioning and many more, all through an application on the landlord's phone. 

Villas in Turkey:


If you are a fan of luxury real estate, you will certainly like the villas, which provide their residents with a comfortable lifestyle and away from the noise. Of course, the villas are distinguished by their spacious area and high-quality services, in addition to the presence of green gardens around them, and there are many villas for sale in Istanbul Especially within the high-end areas and there is a heavy demand for it by businessmen and the rich in the city. 

Studio apartments: 


In contrast to villas, studio apartments are known for their small space, and for this reason they are ideal for those who live alone, for students and workers, or even for small families, and this type of real estate has spread greatly in Turkey after its economic and scientific fame as a result of the trend of a number of A large number of workers and students come to it either to study at universities in Turkey or to work within the wide fields of work. Of course, these people can hardly bother buying large properties and do not need them at all. Therefore, studio apartments are the best option, given that real estate prices in Turkey are from this The type is cheap and is found in the most vibrant areas of cities. 

-Penthouse apartments: 


Penthouse apartments are considered luxury real estate and are usually located on the upper floors of residential complexes, and they have a private elevator in them and a private car garage as well, and they are characterized by their charming view and provide all means of comfort and luxury. 

- Duplex apartments: 


If you have a large family and want to buy property in Turkey, duplex apartments are an excellent choice, as they contain two floors and are characterized by a large area, where each floor can be considered a separate apartment containing rooms and bathrooms, which provides more privacy. to the population. 

- Triplex apartments: 


These properties follow the same style as duplex apartments, but they consist of three floors, and of course they are suitable for large families, or each floor can be separated separately and used for different purposes such as opening an office for work, a gym or even a store. 

How to find cheap apartments for sale in Turkey Istanbul: 

First of all, you should pay attention to the location of the apartment. There are neighborhoods known for their high prices, such as Basaksehir, for example. On the contrary, there are areas where you can get cheap apartments for sale, such as Kartal and Esenyurt. 
The area of ​​the property is also an influential factor. Of course, the larger the area, the higher the price of the property in Turkey. 
The view also plays a role in the price of the apartment. Of course, when you buy an apartment with a sea view in Turkey, you will expect the price to be higher than the apartments required on the gardens or on the roads.


How to Search for Apartments for Sale in Istanbul?

If you want to search for apartments for sale in Turkey or any city in Istanbul, you should be aware of the steps you must follow to buy and find the right apartment for you. Through the following paragraph, we will review together all the steps that you must follow when buying real estate in Turkey: 

1 - Use a reliable real estate company

The first and most important step is to take the advice of one of the important real estate companies that have extensive experience and knowledge of real estate in Turkey in order to provide you with special offers so that you have the ability to see them and their specifications. 

Every buyer of real estate in Turkey needs to use a real estate agent with experience and knowledge, especially if this is his first experience in the real estate field in Turkey. 

Real estate companies take on a lot of tasks on behalf of the buyer, the most important of which is saving time, effort and unstructured search.


2 - Check out the internet offers

With the development of social media, it has become easy to find many offers available without much effort, but you should beware of the need to deal with a reliable and important party so that it is not subject to fraud and deception.


3- Determine your goal for real estate purchase

It is very important to determine the goal that you intend to achieve by buying real estate in Turkey. According to what the statistics have acknowledged, most of those who came to Turkey to buy real estate intended to achieve one of the following three goals: 

-Housing and stability due to the availability of all the right ingredients for an ideal life. 

-Real estate investment after reviewing previous experiences. 

-Getting Turkish citizenship, which is considered one of the strongest and most important nationalities in the world. 

You have to know that defining the purpose of the purchase saves you a lot of time and fatigue and avoids you making wrong choices.


4- Take tours to the real estate: 

Do not forget that you must take field tours and visit the most important real estate projects available in Turkey, as this puts in your hands many unique possibilities, so it is always recommended to be in Turkey when buying real estate. 


Is it easy to find apartments for sale in Istanbul? 

A wide category of people wonders whether it is possible to find apartments in Turkey for sale easily, or will this take a lot of time and effort? In fact, construction companies are constructing many real estate and investment projects in Istanbul in order to meet all desires without exception and even to match the high population density in Turkey and Istanbul in particular. 

What you do not know is that this abundance of real estate available for sale has created an abundance of real estate diversity and price diversity as well.


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Apartments for sale in Istanbul Turkey