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The most famous Turkish food & popular dishes

The most famous Turkish food & popular dishes

Turkey is considered one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in the world and that is due to its charming historical and tourist attractions, and visitors hardly find time to waste when visiting Turkey because there are many things and joys to try and many tourists like to try Turkish cuisine rich in delicious and charming recipes It is considered one of the most diverse international cuisines, and everyone who tastes it describes it as a collection of heart-capturing dishes, and today we will present to you a list of the most famous Turkish food and popular turkish food dishes that you should not miss the opportunity to taste if you visit Turkey. 

Iskander kebab: 

This meal is considered a pride of Turkish cuisine, especially for the residents of Bursa, as it is the city from which this dish originated, as its origins date back to the history of the nineteenth century, and it was made by Mehmet Ogali Iskandar, who was at his time one of the residents of Bursa, and it includes the components of this famous dish. Both lamb that are grilled on charcoal with pieces of bread, tomato sauce, butter and yogurt, and almost no menu is devoid of any one of the restaurants spread in Turkey that has the name of the Iskandar kebab dish. 

Salt-coated chicken: 

This dish is one of the most famous chicken recipes in Turkish cuisine and of course it is one of the most delicious also and it is described as consisting of a chicken that is stuffed with rice and then completely covered with salt and placed in the oven until complete maturity and the salt covering it turns into solid to be after It is cracked and the chicken is extracted and served with rice and bread. Hatay Sofrasi restaurant in Istanbul is the best place possible to try this recipe as this dish has a very delicious taste with the consensus of everyone who has tasted it. 

Meat with dough: 

Although this recipe is a popular Turkish dish, its origins go back to the city of Aleppo in Syria, and nevertheless it is considered one of the most popular and preferred dishes by the Turks and is considered quick and easy to prepare as all that is required to prepare it is a dough covered with meat Minced and seasoned with spices and then put in the oven until it is ready to eat and served with the addition of lemon juice on top and a sprinkle of green parsley and mint and some prefer to eat it with Ayran yogurt and it is possible to sense how much Turkish people love this recipe by noting that it is not absent from the list Meals of any popular restaurant in Turkey. 


This distinctive recipe consists of small pies that are boiled and stuffed with meat and prepared with yogurt and olive oil and seasoned with spices. It is also very popular in Turkish cuisine and the best place to taste an unforgettable manti dish is the Ottoman village that offers a distinctive recipe from it. Don't miss the chance to savor it. 

Tantuni kebab: 

The origins of this Turkish dish go back to the Turkish city of Mersin, located in the southern part of the country, and because of the geographical proximity between the city of Mersin and the Arab countries, we note that its popular cuisine is significantly influenced by the Arab cuisine, as many of the famous foods in the city are similar to or close to those in the Arab cuisine and This recipe consists of beef or lamb meat fried in oil and added to it with vinegar and spices and served to eat with lemon, hot pepper and green parsley, and you can taste this delicious dish by visiting any one of the restaurants in the cities of the southern part of Turkey. Very famous there. 

Turkish Shawarma: 

Turkish shawarma is called doner and it is considered an old popular Turkish recipe dating back to the Ottoman era and is prepared from red meat or delicious chicken pieces marinated with special spices and then placed on top of each other and stacked on a special skewer and moved around the fire to grill at a leisurely pace And then it is cut and prepared to serve in meals or in the form of a sandwich, and it can be said that this recipe is available in all restaurants in Turkey, regardless of their location. 

Adana kebab: 

Based on the name of this dish, it can be known that its origins go back to the city of Adana in Turkey, and this dish is very popular in the city, as there are more than four hundred restaurants that serve it, and Adana kebab consists of minced lamb meat that is seasoned with hot spices and after that it is grilled On a fire until cooked and served with a salad of vegetables and bread. 

Turkish kibbeh: 

The Turkish kibbeh or the chi kofta dish has its origin in the southern part of the Turkish lands and it differs from other kebbeh dishes in other countries, such as the Aleppo kibbeh and the Lebanese kibbeh as it consists of wheat semolina, walnuts, spices and pomegranate molasses with thyme and some add boiled meat To the recipe and it is considered one of the most popular Turkish food, which can be eaten in most Turkish restaurants, and there are also shops dedicated to selling Turkish kibbeh.



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