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The most famous waterfalls in Turkey

The most famous waterfalls in Turkey

As it is known, Turkey is considered one of the most important tourist destinations in the world and ranks seventh as the most visited country by tourists, and this matter is not strange due to all the assets it possesses as it is strategically located between the continents of Asia and Europe, and this is what gives it a climate. Charming and amazing terrain, in addition to the great development that Turkey has witnessed in all fields, which made investment in Turkey highly desirable by investors and businessmen. 
And in case you are planning to visit Turkey soon, you should not miss the beautiful nature there, especially the waterfalls. Below we will list for you the most important waterfalls in Turkey and the most famous and beautiful .. 

Duden Waterfalls in Antalya: 

These waterfalls are considered one of the most famous waterfalls in Turkey and are located within the tourist city of Antalya, where they are about 7 km away from the residential areas, and they are close to the sea as they are no more than 10 km away from it. 
These waterfalls are divided into two parts, upper and lower, as the upper waterfall branches into a number of small streams and then flows into the lower section that ends in the Mediterranean Sea, and a large number of tourists head to the upper part of the waterfall, which contains an ancient and natural cave To visit him and take memorial photos, and an important number of restaurants and parks spread in the waterfall area, in addition to modern animals suitable for family visits, so that children can enjoy watching and identifying strange animals. 

Erkili Waterfall in Marmara: 

This waterfall is located on the Sea of ​​Marmara within the mountain village of Erkeli, and what distinguishes this waterfall from others is that it is completely hidden among the trees and of course it attracts a large number of tourists and exploration enthusiasts who make visits and trips to the region, and behind this waterfall there is a plateau that people visit for rest and Recreation, and this waterfall is known as the double waterfalls and is an excellent destination for family visits and enjoyment in nature, especially for hikers. 

Manavgat Waterfalls in the Taurus Mountains: 

These beautiful waterfalls are located within the Taurus Mountains in its eastern section, and these waterfalls go long distances in the forests and valleys to end within the city of Manavgat, and what distinguishes these waterfalls is that they form a wide and low-rise stream suitable for water activities and boat excursions between the embrace of nature. 

Kursunlu Waterfall in Antalya: 

This waterfall is located in the northeastern part of the charming city of Antalya and is no more than 20 km away from it, as it is located between the Mediterranean Sea and the towering Taurus Mountains and is visited by a large number of people and tourists continuously as it is one of the most important tourist areas in The area, which is made up of 20 adjacent waterfalls, within which the clear fresh water flows, and near it we see a small lake around which people gather to spend their weekends with their families and practice activities and water sports. 
Attention is paid to this region greatly in terms of investment, as there are a large number of restaurants, cafes, and parks, and many sports can be done in it such as walking, jogging, horse riding, as well as swimming, of course, and there are also a number of shops dedicated to buying gifts and antiques Archeology to your friends back home. 

Kabuz Bashi waterfall in Kayseri: 

These waterfalls are located in the city of Caesarea and have gained their fame from its high height, reaching a height of 700 meters and then descending towards the bottom through a group of slopes whose depth is 30 to 70 meters, and thus it is a destination for many tourists who flock to it to enjoy watching the waterfalls and Taking memorial photos between the high mountains that surround it from all sides, and near these waterfalls is the largest national park in Turkey, so it attracts a large number of people in addition to the spread of various restaurants and cafes for rest and recreation. 

Tatliga waterfall in the Black Sea : 

This dazzling waterfall is considered one of the natural wonders in the Black Sea region and it is considered a subsidiary of the Karasu River and rises to about 15 meters from the surface of the earth and is surrounded on all sides by natural and charming terrain and is permanently visited by a large number of tourists and people to spend holidays as it constitutes An ideal place for camping, especially in the summer, so do not miss it. 

Tortum Waterfalls in Erzurum:

This waterfall is located in the eastern part of Anatolia and its fame comes from being ranked third in the world as the highest waterfalls and attracts a large number of tourists and visitors annually, and there are many entertainment centers such as restaurants and parks near it and contains a long stairway through which you can access At the bottom of the waterfall, in addition to a platform that allows you to get close and watch the waterfall up close. 

There is no doubt that there are many other waterfalls in Turkey that are unique in their own beauty and constitute the most important pillars of tourism in Turkey, so be sure to visit them during your next trip.


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