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Learn about the historical Taksim area

Learn about the historical Taksim area

When talking about beauty, originality and originality, we can only mention the charming city of Istanbul, which has gained importance and good reputation not only in Turkey but all over the world and was able to attract a large number of people to visit the most beautiful tourist places in Istanbul
One of the things that distinguishes the city of Istanbul is the great and rich diversity in its neighborhoods and regions, as a street is not without beautiful monuments, and a house is not without a long-standing historical story, and this is what contributed to its uniqueness from other cities. 
And in case you want to do tourism in Istanbul, you must visit the historical Taksim area and get to know it closely, and in the following we will mention the most important information about the Taksim region and residence in it .. 

Location and history of Taksim:

Taksim is one of the most famous areas in Istanbul, and it was named with this name by Sultan Mahmud the First, who derived its name from Arabic to mean distribution, and he called it that because water used to gather in it before it was distributed to the rest of the regions. 
Taksim is located in the European section of Istanbul and is part of the ancient Beyoglu district, and the region includes a large number of archaeological and tourist attractions. 
Taksim can be reached from all parts of Istanbul and with all forms of transportation in Istanbul, as it is an important transportation node and contains the famous Taksim station. 

The most important landmarks and attractions in Taksim: 

- Taksim Square: Taksim Square is one of the most famous tourist places in Istanbul and is located in the center of the region and is a gathering of the most important entertainment and service centers in Istanbul, as there are many restaurants in it that offer various and delicious varieties of Turkish and international food, and it is also found within Al-Maidan is an important number of hotels that range from five stars to small hotels to meet the needs of tourists, and the square includes the most important shops and shopping centers that display the best international brands, and Taksim Square is an important place to hold celebrations of all kinds, whether they are national, religious or entertainment. 

- Istiklal Street: Istiklal Street is one of the most important historical and tourist attractions not only in Istanbul, but in Turkey as a whole, and this street extends from Taksim Square to Karakoy, and what distinguishes this street is the spread of shops on both sides in addition to the old archaeological real estate and it contains The street is a church called the domed church in addition to the Hussain Agha Mosque and many more. 

- Monument in Taksim: This monument was created by an Italian artist to honor the Turkish leader Ataturk and all the martyrs and soldiers who made huge sacrifices to Turkey and contributed to its construction and renaissance, and certainly many tourists visit it in addition to the residence of many National events and celebrations to him. 

- Archaeological tramway line: This archaeological line is considered one of the most important historical monuments in Istanbul and the region and extends from Taksim Square through Istiklal Street until it reaches the Galta Tower. 

- Cicek Pasaje Distinguished Market:This market is located within the Taksim area and is visited daily by a large number of visitors and tourists, as it is characterized by its strange arched shape and includes within it a large number of stores that specialize in providing delicious Turkish sweets, and there are shops specialized in selling antiques and souvenirs. 

- The Wax Museum: or as it is called the Madame Tussauds Museum, which includes wax statues designed in different shapes and sizes belonging to prominent personalities in the Turkish and international community, you will be amazed at the aesthetic design and accuracy of implementation, and this museum is considered a branch of several wax museums distributed all over the world The museum opens from 11 am to 10 pm on a daily basis and receives thousands of visitors from all over Turkey. 

Real estate investment in Taksim: 

Due to the great importance of the region as an important tourist center, investors' attention has turned to it to buy real estate and establish investment projects, and this has greatly increased the value of real estate and its prices. 
We must also not forget the proximity of Taksim to the vital centers of Istanbul, especially the Istanbul Water Canal and the new Istanbul Airport, and this is what made the idea of ​​buying a property in Istanbul within this area considered a good and profitable option.



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