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Tourism in Istanbul

Tourism in Istanbul

Turkey includes many distinctive tourist cities and areas that cannot be mentioned without going through Istanbul, which is an important tourist center in Turkey as well as being the economic capital of the country and it is a strategic commercial center and Istanbul has many places that you should not miss the opportunity to visit. . 

Factors that contributed to the boom in tourism in Istanbul: 

Thousands of tourists and visitors flock annually to Istanbul from different parts of the world thanks to the condensation of a group of factors and factors that made Istanbul a tourist city with distinction, the first of which is the strategic geographic location in a vast area between Asia and Europe, as it has an advantage It makes it unique from other cities as it consists of two parts connected by a charming suspension bridge
The development of the infrastructure in Istanbul contributes to attracting more tourists due to the availability of elements that facilitate tourism in it, including secure transportation, hotels and restaurants served to meet the needs of visitors, and the presence of countless shops, popular markets, malls and huge shopping centers that Offers all kinds of merchandise, from the most luxurious international brands to the most beautiful inexpensive souvenirs. 

In addition to the foregoing, the city of Istanbul has a remarkable number of historical monuments thanks to the rich history that the city has enjoyed throughout history, as large numbers of diverse cultures and civilizations have rolled over it, each of which left distinct traces indicating it, and today it has become a unique opportunity to take a look at the greatness And the beauty of ancient history in our time, in addition to that the Turkish government was not satisfied with the ancient historical monuments, so it worked to build the largest and most important modern global projects such as the Bosphorus Bridge and the Istanbul Canal project and many dazzling architectural achievements that show the greatness and strength of modern man and these projects have become A tourist destination that visitors love to take a look at to contemplate its magnitude and be amazed by it. 

The most important tourist destinations in Istanbul: 

- The Bosphorus Strait and Bridge: 

This site constitutes pride for the city of Istanbul, as it is not only a vital artery for the city because of the services it provides, but it is also a distinctive tourist destination due to its great size and dazzling reconstruction on the Bosphorus, which is thirty kilometers long and ranges between five hundred and fifty meters And the three thousand meters, and to cover this strait that separates the European and Asian parts of Istanbul, three suspension bridges were built: the Bosphorus Bridge, the Fatih Sultan Mehmed Bridge and the Sultan Selim I Bridge. 
The Bosphorus Bridge is not the only tourist place on the Bosphorus, as there are several other tourist places on its banks, such as the Girl’s Castle, Topkapi Palace, Anatolian Castle, Hisar and Rumeli Hisar Castle. 
The Bosphorus Strait separates the parts of Istanbul and the connection between the waters of the Sea of ​​Marmara and the Black Sea, and it forms a community with the Dardanelles, the borders separating each of Europe and Asia. 

- Princesses Islands in Istanbul: 

This group of islands is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Istanbul, and the Princes' Islands are located on the Sea of ​​Marmara, and their size does not exceed sixteen kilometers, but despite its small size, visitors and tourists flock to visit it in order to enjoy the picturesque green landscapes in it. 

- Sultanahmet district in Istanbul: 

This region is one of the most attractive areas for tourists in the city, as hardly a visitor passes to Istanbul, whatever the purpose of his visit to it, but goes to Sultanahmet, which is located in the center of the European part of the city and is administratively affiliated to the municipality of Fatih and transportation is provided to reach To this area easily around the clock due to the large numbers of tourists wanting to come to it, there are many public buses and tramway network lines that reach the area, and originally it is not far from Taksim Square, located in the center of Istanbul, more than five kilometers, and you can take advantage of the opportunity To take one of the mass transportation means and start from here to gain the opportunity to have a glimpse of Istanbul on the way to the Sultanahmet area. 

- Taksim Square or Street in Istanbul: 

This street is called Istiklal Street and it is considered the most famous street in Istanbul, which is characterized by the presence of many historical buildings and shops that sell the most luxurious international brands, not to mention the galleries, libraries and cinemas. 
And this street becomes a center for celebration during Turkey's Independence Day, as all Istanbul residents go out to celebrate this national occasion, and the street is filled with celebrations and decorations and teeming with the sounds of national chants.



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