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The most important laws of Turkish citizenship that you must know

The most important laws of Turkish citizenship that you must know

The issue of obtaining Turkish citizenship has become a common conversation among the interested public and investors in general because of the many privileges that can be obtained through it.

In this article, the editing team at Ramzy Real Estate Company will inform you of the most important information and laws related to Turkish citizenship. We wish you a pleasant reading.


Check out the Turkish citizenship laws:

There is no doubt that Turkish citizenship has become very easy to obtain thanks to the high efforts of the Turkish government to provide all the facilities that the foreigner is looking for.

But this does not take us away from the fact that there are many laws approved by the Turkish government in order to obtain them:

1 — When choosing to obtain it through real estate investment:

A lot of foreigners choose to obtain that nationality through real estate investment specifically because the required conditions are very easy and because of the high benefit that will accrue to the investor.

The value of the property must be at least 400 thousand US dollars, and you must be committed not to sell it before the passage of at least three years, and there are many other conditions that must be adhered to, the most important of which is that the property is purchased from a Turkish citizen or a Turkish construction company and that the property is new and not previously relied upon in order to obtain Turkish citizenship .


2 — It can be obtained through commercial investment:

A common method of acquiring this nationality is to invest financially for at least $500,000 for three years or to buy bonds or shares.


3 — Turkish citizenship through a financial deposit in the bank:

Citizenship can be obtained by depositing an amount of money in a Turkish bank for a period of three years, and the amount must not be less than 500 thousand US dollars. It is important to note that the law about Turkish citizenship previously stipulated that the amount should be 3 million US dollars, but according to the amendment that came in 2018, the required amount became 500 thousand only.


4- Acquisition of nationality through marriage:

One of the most famous ways to obtain Turkish citizenship is to marry a Turkish citizen, but it is not possible to apply for it until at least three years have elapsed since the date of marriage, so as to ensure that the marriage was not only for the purpose of obtaining citizenship, but also for the establishment of a family, and also to ensure that the foreigner does not pose any threat to national security.


5 — Applying for citizenship by proving Turkish origins  :

Those who prove that their roots extend to the Turkish state can apply for Turkish citizenship after submitting the documents that prove this and the citizenship will be obtained immediately.


6- Acquisition of citizenship through adoption:

In case that a Turkish family adopts a foreign child who has not reached the legal age, he can obtain Turkish citizenship immediately, but he must not pose any threat to national security.

There are also those who obtain Turkish citizenship in an exceptional way and in certain cases, for example, if the foreigner provides a scientific or technical achievement that has been of great benefit to the Turkish state.


Are there conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship?

After you have reviewed all the ways to obtain Turkish citizenship, you must see the general conditions that must be met by those who wish to obtain it, and this is what we will present to you through the following paragraph:

- Must not be a carrier of any communicable disease that affects public health in Turkey.

- To be reputable and to have high morals.

- To provide confirmation of the sincerity of his intention to live and settle in Turkey.

- He must not be involved in any criminal offense.

- To reside in Turkey for at least five continuous years.

- To have a job that provides him with a stable income for him and all members of his family.


In the context of talking about the appropriate laws and conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship, you should know that the Turkish government is constantly working on issuing amendments regarding that citizenship. In 2018, it issued decisions that decided as follows:

-  Reduce the value of real estate investment suitable for obtaining Turkish citizenship from one million US dollars to 250 thousand US dollars only.

-  The appropriate financial investment to apply for Turkish citizenship has been reduced from 2 million  $ to 500,000 $.

-  The amount was reduced to obtain Turkish citizenship by bank deposit from 3 million to 500 thousand only.

-  Reduce the number of employees from 100 Turkish people to 50 people only.

During the current year 2022 AD, the Turkish government issued further amendments on obtaining Turkish citizenship and increased the value of the appropriate real estate investment to apply for it from $250,000 to $400,000. The decision became effective from 12 June.


If you are interested in obtaining Turkish citizenship or checking out the Turkish laws, you can follow our website continuously because we are keen to monitor all its news and the latest developments.

One of the many services we provide to our customers in Ramzy Real Estate Company is to help them obtain Turkish citizenship and in tracking all legal and routine procedures to ensure that they get it as soon as possible and without having to face obstacles.


Editing by Ramzy Real Estate Team ©


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