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Advantages of housing in Kayaşehir Istanbul

Advantages of housing in Kayaşehir Istanbul

The country includes many major cities, each of which is an ideal place to buy real estate in Turkey, the most important of which is Istanbul, which is the economic capital of the country and the largest city in terms of size and population. Istanbul, in turn, is distinguished by that it includes many interesting areas for the purchase of real estate, including the Kaya area Popular in Istanbul, which is one of the most upscale neighborhoods in the European part of the city. 

The location and features of Kayaşehir district in Istanbul: 

Kayaşehir is located in the European part of Istanbul, which is known to be an elegant gathering of neighborhoods and luxury areas chosen by the largest businessmen and capital as a place to stay, because the real estate in the area is very distinctive, as it is one of the newest neighborhoods in the city. Istanbul, as it was newly established according to the latest internal and external designs and structures. 
Kayashehir district is administratively affiliated to the municipality of Basaksehir in Istanbul, which in turn is one of the most modern municipalities in the city, that is, you can be sure that everything related to this municipality is built and designed according to the latest and highest international standards, and the municipality has worked to pay special attention to the structures The infrastructure in the Kayashehir district of Istanbul and the work to secure various services and service and entertainment centers from a dense transportation network that works to connect the area with the city center of Istanbul as it is considered somewhat far from it and worked to secure all the needs of the population to reduce the need to move outside the area from restaurants and Cafes, markets, and shops, as well as hospitals, health clinics, and educational centers of primary, intermediate and secondary schools. 

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Reasons why investors want to buy real estate in Kayaşehir in Istanbul: 

There are a number of factors that attract investors towards buying real estate in Turkey, regardless of the region or city, and the reason is due to the choice of Kaya Shahir in Istanbul to achieve several vital factors, which include: 

1- Real estate prices in the region: 

Real estate prices in Turkey are generally known to be low in general compared to real estate prices in any neighboring European country, although Turkey's real estate is not less in quality, quality, or even strategic importance than other such properties, so this factor is considered the biggest attraction for investors. Foreigners, as they find buying a property in Turkey a guaranteed way to achieve investment profits. Likewise, real estate prices in the Kayaşehir area are considered low compared to real estate prices in its neighboring areas, even though these areas are almost equal to the distance from the city center of Istanbul. This makes it a distinctive and attractive area for investors, as the properties are luxurious, modern and designed according to international quality standards. 

2- Kaya Shahir in Istanbul is an ideal place for those looking for peace and quiet: 

Istanbul is a very lively city, as it can be said that it almost never sleeps. The large number of residents on the one hand and the large number of businesses, companies and shops in it on the other hand means that there are those who work around the clock and therefore many people find in this lifestyle this is something Noisy and they cannot accept it at all times, but they have to reside in Istanbul for work or study. Therefore, when searching for a property in Turkey for residence, they try to choose a quiet place away from the crowds of the city, but at the same time not too far in order not to become Transportation is difficult every day, and here comes the Kaya Shahir area to be the best option, as it is considered a very quiet and not crowded area, and it provides residents with green spaces and public gardens to relax in and enjoy the tranquility and beauty of nature, such as the famous Kaya Shahir Park. 

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3- The various services provided by the Kaya Shahir area to the residents:

Kayashehir Istanbul is one of the best-serviced areas in the region in terms of infrastructure, as it has all the necessary needs and services from service centers such as schools, hospitals, state departments, shopping centers, restaurants and hotels, as it includes many ways to entertain from festivals and Annual bazaars such as the famous Basaksehir Bazaar, which is one of the largest in Istanbul, which offers everything you can think of in terms of food, household and clothing products and goods, in addition to many popular bazaars that constitute a golden opportunity for lovers of cheap shopping and getting the most beautiful And distinguish goods and souvenirs at the cheapest prices. 
Moving to and from the Kaya Shahir area in Istanbul is easy, thanks to the dense transportation network that connects all regions of Istanbul in its European and Asian parts with each other.


Great Landmarks in Kayaşehir Area

Within Kayaşehir, there are many beautiful and picturesque attractions, which are a source of attraction for tourists in addition to the fact that it varies between landmarks under construction due to the largeness of these facilities, as well as the age of the modern Kayasehir area and other landmarks are ready to be inhabited and lived in, which gives the beauty of this area splendor, and a unique style.

Kayaşehir area is characterized by its gigantic size, and is considered the largest regions of ​​Istanbul in terms of area, with a total area twice the area of ​​the famous Taksim Square, and a number of other squares located within the city of Istanbul. In addition, it is close to Kayaşehir Square, which is known as Yeni Kent Square.

A new metro station has been built, to become an important landmark in the field, and a good link between all the residential complexes in Başakşehir, in addition to the health facilities there, as well as international universities, markets, cafes and various restaurants.


famous kaya bazaar

 Kayaşehir Bazaar is one of the largest bazaars in Istanbul, as well as a special place for shopping lovers. This bazaar was established in 2016 and is located within a closed space, and consists of several floors, and extends about 16,500 square meters. These floors are also divided into a floor for restaurants, with an area of ​​4,900 m2 and a textile floor with an area of ​​4,600 m2 in addition to many multi-use halls with an area of ​​1400 m2.

It also provided a number of yards designated for seating, as well as a number of car parks designated for parking, which can accommodate 500 cars and more. The official working days of the bazaar are on Sunday and Thursday of every week.


Kayaşehir Garden

Kayaşehir Garden is a botanical garden that includes the best and finest types of rare plants, as well as being the largest garden in Turkey.

Kayaşehir Park was opened during the era of Recep Tayyip Erdogan, President of the State of Turkey, and that was in the last quarter of 2018.

It is clear that the garden is blessed with a very large area, as this area of ​​Kayaşehir Garden extends to approximately 380,000 m, in addition to the fact that it includes countless colors and varieties of roses, which may exceed approximately 5,000 species in addition to huge numbers of trees and shrubs, numbering more than 160,000.

There is also a huge and giant fountain, competing with the largest fountains known globally in Arab and foreign countries.

In addition to a very beautiful and wonderful biological lake, it works through a self-filtering system that has been prepared to protect the lake from germs and microbes that may reach the lake water, and cause a change in its properties.

We cannot forget the entertainment places designated for playing, and a hut was established in which people can read and see, in addition to rest areas suitable for different ages.

Within Kayaşehir Park, there are a number of bicycle paths , and others that have been prepared for running.

There are also a number of multiple facilities that extend along the length of the park, in addition to 11 sky bridges, all of which are characterized by their small size.

In order to help and facilitate the movement of people with special needs, the administration of the park has developed many services and means to ensure that they walk safely.


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