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Types of Istanbul luxury real estate

Types of Istanbul luxury real estate

The real estate market in Turkey includes many options that suit all societal groups, and perhaps this is one of the most important reasons that attract people to invest in real estate in Turkey, specifically Istanbul. You can find cheap apartments for sale in Istanbul in addition to Istanbul property homes, and thus everyone can get What he wants when buying property in Istanbul
And if you want to get Istanbul luxury real estate, we will mention to you the types that you can find in Istanbul.

Villas in Istanbul:

Villas come at the top of the list when talking about luxury Istanbul real estate, and of course there are many areas in which you can buy villas for sale in Istanbul
The villas in Istanbul are distinguished by their amazing design, large area and modern equipment. It is known that the prices of villas in Istanbul vary according to the services they provide and the location they enjoy, but in general they are considered high compared to ordinary Istanbul homes
One of the most famous areas for buying villas in Istanbul is Silivri and Beylikdüzü, in addition to all areas located on the Bosphorus. 

Penthouses in Istanbul:

Penthouses are considered one of the most famous Istanbul luxury homes. They are apartments in Istanbul that usually occupy the other floors of residential complexes in Istanbul and are equipped with a dedicated elevator separate from the elevator of the complex and may be equipped with their own car garage as well, and it is known that this This type of apartment in Istanbul is equipped with the best and latest equipment and usually includes a swimming pool and all the facilities that will make your stay comfortable and luxurious. 

Luxurious palaces in Istanbul:

The city of Istanbul contains a large number of luxurious palaces, which date back to different periods of time, and this type of real estate in Istanbul has become a little in the recent period, as people no longer want to buy this very expensive type of real estate, but in the past, rulers and sultans were doing Building palaces and housing in them, and in our time these palaces are used for many purposes and benefit a lot for those who wants to start Istanbul property investment, as they can be rented to tourists or even to production companies to shoot movies and series, and there are many of these palaces that have turned into hotels, restaurants or museums . 

Smart apartments in Istanbul:

When searching for a property for sale in Istanbul, you will come across a type of apartments known as smart apartments, which has begun to spread in Turkey in the recent period and has become considered one of the luxury properties in Istanbul, and if you ask why, this is due to the technology and modernity that these apartments enjoy You can control everything that is going on around you with just a push of a button! 
This is because this type of apartment depends entirely on an electronic system connected to all home appliances and can be controlled by a special application on mobile phones. Through this system, you will be able to open and close windows, light rooms, open doors, monitor cameras, and other This is one of the tasks electronically and by the push of a button, and therefore the prices of real estate in Istanbul, which are of this type, will be high to match all these features that it offers. 

Duplexes and triplexes in Istanbul: 

We will start talking about duplex apartments, and this type of apartment in Istanbul is suitable for large families who will not be able to feel comfortable within the regular apartments, and for this reason, duplex apartments are the ideal choice for them to provide comfort and privacy for individuals. It is a two-storey apartment, and each floor can be considered A separate apartment that contains rooms, bathrooms and a kitchen. These apartments are characterized by a spacious courtyard, making it one of the luxury Istanbul real estate. 
As for the triplex apartments, they are in the same style, but they consist of three floors, and this type of real estate can be used in different ways, such as allocating each floor for a specific purpose, i.e. a floor for housing, a floor for work, and a floor as a gym, for example. Of course, there are many options available. for your own creativity.



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